NRM Takes Strict Measures to Contain New Outbreak of COVID-19

Since the beginning of 2022, the new round of COVID-19 outbreak continues to worsen in North Vietnam. From 31 Jan to 17 Feb, 12 cases have been confirmed within NRM.

For each case detected, we treated strictly in accordance with our Emergency Response Plan for COVID-19, and prevented cross-infection successfully.

Recently, Vietnam shifted its strategy for COVID-19 from “zero case” toward “adapting and containing safely, flexibly and effectively”. Base on the government strategy and our actual situation, we have taken a series of targeted new measures to contain the outbreak while ensuring our normal operation at the same time:

1. All close contacts, secondary contacts and employees who visited high transmission areas must self-quarantine according to the corresponding policies from the government and the company.

2. For each confirmed case, all members from the same department or workshop shall be subjected to a NAAT testing once per three days.

3. Keep adopting separate dinning at workplace to avoid gathering at cafeteria.

4. Increase the stock of protection equipments such as masks, disinfectants and protective clothing.

5. Enhance communication and evaluation on the situation of employees and their family members through the COVID prevention teams of the company.

6. Increase efforts in publicity and on-site inspection, ensure all staff members to take personal protection measures and avoid gathering.

7. Fully protect employee interests, provide all necessary assistances to each infected employee, and bear the corresponding cost of treatment.

8. Pay attention to the physical and mental health of all staff members, help to establish rational understanding and maintain emotional stability.



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