Laboratory Skill Competition of Production Department

In order to further enhance the technical skills of the analysis and inspection personnel and improve the level of laboratory technicians, the Production and Operations Department organized a skills competition for laboratory technicians on May 14, 2023.


The competition was judged by Liao Xiu, the Manager of the Production and Operations Department, Chen Denghui, the Deputy Manager, and Ruan Ai, the leader of the laboratory analysis group and also the Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union.

The competition consisted of two parts: a theoretical examination and practical operation, accounting for 20% and 80% of the total score, respectively. Prior to the competition, each participant drew samples through a lottery.


During the competition, the participants performed their operations and inspections carefully and meticulously, while the judges evaluated the accuracy and stability of the laboratory processes and results, as well as the proper placement and cleaning of chemical reagents and experimental equipment. After intense competition, Wu Ying achieved the highest overall score, followed by Li Hongle and Wu Haiyan in second place, and Wu Lanfang and Huang He in third place.


After the competition, the General Manager of the company presented awards to the winning participants on behalf of the company. He stated that the laboratory technician skills competition is one of the activities carried out in the company's corporate culture construction this year. Through this competition, the excellent technical skills of the company's laboratory technicians were fully demonstrated, providing an opportunity for mutual learning. He hoped that everyone would continue to improve their skills and contribute to the improvement of product quality in the company.


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