NRM Organizes Activities for "Workers' Month" and "Labor Safety and Health Action Month" 2023

In response to the call from the labor management department and higher-level trade union organizations to carry out the "Workers' Month" and "Labor Safety and Health Action Month" in 2023, the company and the trade union organized a series of activities in May to show care for employees and enhance their awareness of safety production.


The company attaches great importance to the annual employee medical examination. From May 9th to 12th, the administrative department carefully organized and arranged medical examinations for all employees, making efforts to help employees understand their physical condition in a timely and accurate manner.


From May 15th to 17th, the company's security department organized comprehensive safety education and training for all employees. Every year, the company regularly invites qualified training institutions to focus on providing safety training for frontline production and production support positions. This has been an enduring mechanism for the company's safety production management and has been maintained for many years.


On May 19th, the municipal trade union visited the company to promote relevant labor laws and regulations and popularize knowledge of labor protection. A total of 80 employees attended the promotional event. During the event, the municipal trade union expressed condolences to the extremely disadvantaged and poor employees of the company. On behalf of the national government leaders, they distributed cash gifts of 1 million dong each to 5 extremely disadvantaged workers, with gifts worth 200,000 dong, and the municipal trade union distributed cash gifts of 500,000 dong each to 14 poor workers, with gifts worth 500,000 dong.


On May 20th, the company's trade union organized an outdoor exchange activity with the union team leaders from various departments, company leaders, and department heads, under the theme of "Unity and Cooperation, Seeking Development." During the exchange activity, everyone freely expressed their opinions, had relaxed and casual discussions about work, and put forward suggestions and opinions that would contribute to the company's development.







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