NRM Organizes Conical Hat Decoration Contest

To celebrate the 114th anniversary of International Women's Day and to welcome the upcoming 15th anniversary of the company's establishment (03/08/2009-03/08/2024), on the afternoon of March 2, 2024, the Women's Committee of the company's labor union organized a conical hat decoration contest with the theme "Elegant Vietnamese Women". Seven teams from the union participated in the contest.


This competition was a meaningful event aimed at providing female employees with an entertaining platform to not only showcase their professional skills but also to demonstrate another aspect of their beauty, talent, competence, and enthusiasm for household chores.


The contest consisted of two parts: conical hat decoration and creative commentary, both of which were extremely exciting. Through the decorations of each team, their uniqueness and creativity were displayed, expressing love, respect, and praise for Vietnamese women, especially the female employees of the company.


After a period of intense competition, the participating teams presented impressive works to the judges and audience. These works were not only aesthetically pleasing but also carried profound humanistic significance. Each submitted work was unique, serving as a message, a tribute to Vietnamese women: their resilience, perseverance, loyalty, and bravery.


Following the conclusion of the contest, the organizing committee awarded the following prizes:

First Prize: Laboratory-Warehouse-Environmental Operations Team

Second Prize: Administrative Office Team

Third Prize: Equipment Technology Department Team, Cleaning Team

Encouragement Awards: Team from Factory 1, Team from Factory 2, Team from Factory 3


The contest was held in a joyful and intense atmosphere. Although the female participants from the company were all amateur competitors, they exerted their utmost effort in front of the audience, contributing to the success of the contest. This was an event paying tribute to women and also reflected the company leadership's profound care for all female employees, providing them with opportunities for communication, learning, and enhancing internal unity within the company.








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