The company staff canteen has passed the food safety and hygiene inspection

On the morning of April 17, 2024, the Food Safety and Hygiene Sub-bureau of the Haiyang Province Health Department inspection team visited the company to inspect the food safety situation in the staff canteen. Mr. Chen Wenliang, the company's Vice General Manager, and relevant personnel from the Administrative and Business Department accompanied the inspection.


The inspection team listened to reports from relevant company officials and conducted on-site inspections of the raw material processing area, cutting and preparation area, cooking area, sample retention area, tableware disinfection area, and the dining area for staff. Subsequently, the inspection team thoroughly reviewed the food procurement contracts, regular training records of canteen staff, and health examination records of canteen personnel. They also focused on spot-checking the "3-step inspection and food sample retention records" in the canteen's work process.


The inspection team praised the company's canteen food safety and hygiene work, affirming that the canteen's food processing procedures are clear, records are complete, and management is standardized. They unanimously agreed that the company passed this food safety inspection.


The inspection team hopes that the company will continue to do well in related work, ensuring traceability and quality of food sources, and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the canteen environment. The company also expressed its commitment to continue doing well in canteen food safety and hygiene work, ensuring the health of its employees.


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