Company Efficiently Organizes Fire Protection Pipeline Clearance


During the hot summer months, with frequent thunderstorms, the risk of fire incidents increases significantly. May is also our annual Occupational Safety and Health Action Month. Following the work plan, the safety department conducted a thorough inspection of the factory’s fire protection equipment and facilities.


The inspection revealed that, due to over a decade of use and sediment accumulation in the fire water tanks, some fire hydrants were experiencing reduced water flow. In response, company leadership decided to implement measures to clear the obstructions.


This task was spearheaded by Vice General Manager Chen Wenliang, who oversees safety operations. The safety department and equipment department collaborated to carry out the clearance work. Despite facing challenges such as intense heat, frequent high temperatures, and increased rainfall, the task force worked tirelessly, finding ways to overcome difficulties and pushing forward with great enthusiasm. After more than ten days of effort, they successfully cleared all blocked pipelines and replaced over 500 meters of old pipes.


This major overhaul project is crucial for ensuring the efficiency of the company's fire protection system and will significantly enhance our fire-fighting capabilities. Moving forward, the company plans to continue upgrading the fire water tanks and other facilities to ensure the fire water supply systems are always in optimal condition.


(Edited by Chen Shijiang, Administrative Affairs Department)





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